Guess How This Northland Business Doubled Their Leads Overnight?

In the vast landscape of Northland, getting your business noticed can be a challenge, especially for service-based companies in competitive industries. That’s where effective vehicle signage comes into play – a rolling billboard that turns heads and drives business. Take our client, ‘The Grind Guys‘, for example. Their experience with vehicle signage is nothing short of a success story.

In August 2023, The Grind Guys decided to revamp their work truck with eye-catching vehicle signage, expertly installed by Fast Signz Whangarei. The results were immediate and impressive. Since the signwriting, they’ve noticed a significant uptick in public interaction at nearly every job site. People are not just noticing the truck; they’re engaging with the brand, both in person and digitally, solely because the vehicle signage caught their eye.

One remarkable instance occurred in Warkworth. Louis, from The Grind Guys, managed to secure a project at a neighbouring property, all thanks to the visibility of their signwritten truck. This initial project led to another booking with a neighbour – a domino effect of opportunities, all sparked by their vehicle signage!

The investment in vehicle signage has proven to be incredibly cost-effective for The Grind Guys. It has paid for itself tenfold, not just in monetary terms but also in brand recognition and reach. Their truck, essentially a portable billboard, has traversed Northland, turning every trip into a marketing opportunity.

For service-based businesses in regions like Northland, mobile advertising through vehicle signage offers a unique advantage. It allows businesses to showcase their brand in various locations, maximising visibility and reach. The Grind Guys’ experience is a testament to how a well-designed vehicle wrap can create lasting impressions and open doors to new opportunities.

Good vehicle signage goes beyond just slapping a logo on a truck. It’s about creating an eye-catching, memorable design that resonates with the audience. Effective vehicle signage should:

  • Clearly display your brand and message
  • Be visually appealing and easy to read
  • Include contact information and a call to action
  • Reflect the quality and professionalism of your business

The Grind Guys’ success story underlines the importance of vehicle signage for businesses, especially in service-oriented sectors. It’s a cost-effective, high-impact marketing tool that offers unparalleled brand visibility and reach. If you’re a business in Northland looking to make a mark, consider giving your vehicles a branding makeover. It’s an investment that can drive your business forward, just as it did for The Grind Guys.

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