Local Legends: How These Northland Businesses Are Crushing It Online

In our tight-knit Northland community, where everyone knows your name (and probably your business), some of our local legends have been making some serious digital waves, thanks to a little magic from the team at SANA Creative Studio. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of their success stories.

Nicky Reid: The Real Estate Wizard

Nicky Reid isn’t just any real estate agent; she’s the one you go to when you want your property sold yesterday. How did we help? By integrating a clever little plugin into her website, Nicky’s listings now sync automatically whenever she updates her system. No more manual uploads, no more wasted time. Just seamless efficiency that lets her focus on what she does best – selling homes.


Renovation Warehouse: Building Success Online and In-Store

Renovation Warehouse is the go-to place for quality building supplies at prices that don’t break the bank. With the introduction of targeted Meta ads, they’ve not just seen a spike in online engagement but have also welcomed more foot traffic into the store. The result? A significant boost in daily sales, proving that the right digital strategy can move mountains (or at least, building supplies).


The Waterproofing Co: Sealing the Deal with Precision Targeting

The Waterproofing Co were looking to streamline their client acquisition process and really connect with their ideal audience: local builders and architects. Enter SANA Creative Studio’s Meta advertising wizardry.

By honing in on highly targeted Meta ads, we’ve managed to cut through the noise and directly reach the professionals who need their expertise the most. This strategic approach has not only saved them from sifting through time-wasting enquiries but has also positioned The Waterproofing Co as the go-to experts for waterproofing solutions in our community.


The Grind Guys: Signwriting That Sells

The Grind Guys are no strangers to hard work, but it’s their new vehicle signage that’s really been doing the heavy lifting. Since updating their branding on wheels, they’ve noticed a massive uptick in public interaction, both offline and online. With the addition of Meta ads, inquiries have been rolling in, averaging $5-6k per job. Talk about a return on investment!


Bay of Islands Vintage Railway: Full Steam Ahead

This beloved local attraction took a leap of faith with Meta advertising and the results were nothing short of spectacular. In just the first month, for every dollar spent, they saw twelve back in sales. Thanks to some creative ads and sharp copy, the railway is on track to greater success.


Squaties: A Seamless Shopping Experience

Squaties, with their fresh branding and slick new website, are now offering customers the smoothest online shopping experience. Coupled with targeted Meta campaigns, they’ve not only attracted a flurry of new customers but have set the stage for a loyal returning customer base eager for more.


At SANA Creative Studio, we’re more than just a service; we’re a partner in your business’s journey to digital success. Whether it’s through website design and development, brand evolution, or targeted marketing, we’re here to ensure our local businesses not only thrive but dominate online.

Here’s to our local legends – transforming their digital presence and setting the bar high for businesses everywhere. Cheers to growing together, right here in Northland.

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