Maximising a small marketing budget on Facebook

Do you struggle to get a return on investment with your current advertising budget? Here’s a few tips on how to maximise a small marketing budget on Facebook!

Marketing on a limited budget can be challenging, but with the right strategy, it’s possible to make the most out of every dollar spent. One cost-effective way to reach potential customers is through local reach Facebook ads. Facebook’s ability to target by location is an excellent tool to boost your business within your local community. Don’t spread your budget too thin by targeting a large area.

To make the most of your ad spend, it’s important to create strong graphics/images that promote your business and stand out in a crowded digital landscape. A well-designed ad can capture people’s attention and create a positive first impression of your business. Make sure to use high-quality images and straight forward copy that is relevant to your business and the problems you solve for your customers.

Once you’ve captured people’s attention, it’s important to have a clear call to action (CTA) that encourages them to take the next step in the customer journey. Whether it’s visiting your website, giving you a call, or making a purchase, your CTA should be clear and compelling. Consider offering a special promotion or discount to incentivise people to take action.

Finally, make sure to track your results and adjust your strategy as needed. Facebook’s ad manager provides detailed analytics on ad performance, including impressions, clicks, and conversions. Use this data to optimise your ads and improve your return on investment – in simpler terms: do more of what works best. We recommend running an ad for a 4-6 week period to gather enough data on it performance and then alter the ad content and imagery accordingly.

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